2019 Car Release – Amazing Features Of Mercedes-AMG E53

2019 Car Release – Amazing Features Of Mercedes-AMG E53

Mercedes-AMG has officially released details regarding its U.S.-bound version of the brand-new E 53 coupe, sedan, and cabriolet. Its 48-volt electrical system is the most astonishing feature in this vehicle. Not only does it get the greatest and latest updates, it also achieves the new turbocharged gasoline engine “inline 6” from the CLS AMG. Where Mercedes-AMG E 53 sedan has replaced E 43 sedan, the coupe has gained its first AMG variant for the recent “W213” E-Class generation.

High performance Straight six engine

AMG Mercedes E53 comes with a gasoline inline straight-6 engine that tend to function smoother than V6 engines. It runs with flatter and wider torque bands. It is regarded best in Mercedes-Benz world because of its 6-cylinder engine that is ever built by any automaker. It marks the re-ignition, that is one of those features that distinguishes it with other reputed car makers in the present automobile industry.

Incredible Power

Built on the latest technology, this all new Mercedes-Benz vehicle comprise of a three-liters unit. It features power bolstering and turbocharging feature by minor electrification. This is due to its high performance 48-volt electrical system. The overall result is an output of 429 hp power and a peak torque that is around 384 pound-feet.

This power boosting machine comes with speed shift 9G Tronic 9 speed automatic mechanism. This 4MATIC+ is standard for a coupe, sedan, and cabriolet. It takes only 4.4 seconds to gain a speed of 60 mph with a top speed limited to 130 mph.

Powerful and efficient electric system

Introduction of the all new 48-volt electrical system implies that newer vehicles are getting more and more powerful. It enables them huge bumps in calculating power for automobiles and improving the abilities of dealing with new technologies.

Current as well as past vehicles are largely dependent on a twelve-volt electrical system. E 53 AMG gains the 48-volt system along with the 12-volt system. Its inbuilt systems such as infotainment displays, lights, interior systems and various control units outstands among all the other machines present in the market.

This 48-volt system works as a separate supply for the EQ Boost system and the engine. It makes the entire car’s engine intelligent and smarter. This aids in improving fuel efficiency and engine performance while lowering emissions and providing an extra lift of electrical propulsion.


So, the all new Mercedes-AMG E53 line up has got all these exciting and remarkable features that will surely steal the heart of every car buyer.

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