3 Small Businesses Benefits In Using A Uniform Laundry Services

3 Small Businesses Benefits In Using A Uniform Laundry Services

Many small businesses use uniforms and various textiles that are indispensable in their daily operations. These products can range from manufacturing plant uniform work shirts, to healthcare clinic medical scrubs and nurses uniforms, to restaurant uniforms, entryway door mats and other textiles. Uniforms must serve multiple purposes around utility, cost management, team performance, customer satisfaction and branding. Here are several important benefits of outsourcing uniform laundry services for small businesses.

  1. Increased Productivity and Efficiency

Commercial laundry services are supremely efficient in terms of a small business’s operations. Cleaning your business’s uniforms and other textiles in-house requires continuously expending payroll hours, energy, water, equipment, supplies, and use of floor space.

The labor-intensive process of sorting laundry items, loading a washer, transferring items to the dryer, ironing them (to extract full benefits of having a uniform program), folding or hanging items, and packing the laundered items into your business’s designated pick-up staging or storage space can be a very expensive proposition.

Laundry machine parts and maintenance can add appreciably to in-house laundry facility costs. For even the smallest of businesses, a laundry system may require multiple full-time workers. The in-house laundry system also comes with the daunting responsibility of ensuring that the work associated with keeping it up and running, supplied and producing clean laundry as needed is all completed perfectly every day—without exception­­.

The consequence of an error can be finding your business operations abruptly coming to a stop. Alternatively, outsourcing your business’s laundry task to a reliable commercial laundry service frees you and your employees to focus your business hours doing what you’re best at doing—serving your customers and attending to business responsibilities that require your valuable time, skills, and funds.

  1. Automatic Legal Compliance

Another important benefit of outsourcing business laundry work is that using uniform laundry services ensures that business’s uniforms and other textiles are cleaned in accordance with city, county, state, and federal (OSHA) regulations. The majority of U.S. American businesses are legally obligated to meet specified guidelines for commercial laundry cleaning.

Failure to meet certain guidelines can be a costly error for a small business. Outsourcing laundry operations prevents the distractions, headaches and financial risks involved in trying to maintain regulatory compliance.

  1. Utility Savings and Environmental Responsibility

In addition to improving worker productivity in reaching your business goals, and applying your employees’ and your own skills more effectively, using a commercial laundry service helps preserve the environment, and it saves your business the added utility costs in operating your own commercial laundry on-site.

Sending business laundry to off-site uniform laundry services saves the high cost of purchasing, maintaining, and repairing commercial laundry equipment, buying laundry cleaning supplies, and applying valuable human resources to laundry washing and ironing chores.

Outsourcing laundry also eliminates the discharge of enormous amounts of waste water into your local environment from your on-site laundry facility. Commercial laundry services must conform to waste water disposal environmental protection requirements. So, using such services means that your business is doing your part to reduce its adverse environmental impact.

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