Best Cashback Credit Cards for Filipinos

Best Cashback Credit Cards for Filipinos

In 2018, Filipinos saw the implementation of TRAIN Law. Essentially, it means that there are new tax reforms that will be taking effect in the country, affecting people’s earnings as well as their spendings.

Although it included a few tax exemptions, the new law entails that the taxes of some products and services go up. This is why individuals and families alike are reconsidering their spending habits, wanting to save money as much as possible. A few of them have turned to cashback credit cards, such as Citi Cash Back Card, to give them a little reprieve in all that they’re disbursing.

If you want to join them and if you are wondering which cashback credit card is best for you, then you might want to continue reading in order to see our list.

Citi Cash Back Card

The Citi Cash Back Card will truly be able to help with your daily expenses. The rebates you will be receiving with this card are as follow:

  • Groceries: 6%
  • Meralco Bill: 2%
  • Other Expenses: 0.20%

You could also have installment purchases for 3-24 months with 0% interest rate. Plus, you’ll get exciting freebies from various establishments across the world!

EastWest Bank EveryDay Mastercard

The EastWest Bank EveryDay Mastercard promises to provide you assistance in paying for your everyday needs. The rebates you’ll get with this card are:

  • Groceries: 5%
  • Gas and Drug Store Expenses: 5%
  • Other Expenses: 0.3%

The maximum cashback limit of this card is a total of none, making it an attractive option for anyone who really wants to save some extra cash. The other perks you might want to take advantage of includes convert-to-installment as well as having the rebates automatically credited to your account.

Security Bank Complete Cashback Mastercard

The Security Bank Complete Cashback Mastercard offers cardholders the following rebates:

  • Groceries: 5%
  • Gas: 4%
  • Utilities: 3%
  • Dining: 2%
  • Shopping: 1%

As you can see, this credit card has a 5-tiered rebate that you could take advantage of, honoring their promise of doing a complete cashback. Just be mindful of the total amount of cashback you gain in a year because it has an annual maximum cashback of P12,000.

Standard Chartered Platinum Cash Rewards

The Standard Chartered Platinum Cash Rewards has these rebates to boast of:

  • Department Store Expenses: 3%
  • Dining: 3%
  • Other Expenses: 0.3%

This card is perfect for anyone who loves to shop and dine. After all, who says cashback cards are meant for utilities and groceries only?

Cardholders also don’t have to limit themselves because it has no maximum cashback amount!

Mayback Platinum Mastercard

The Mayback Platinum Mastercard offers these following rebates to cardholders:

  • P50 = 1 Krisflyer Mile or Asia Mile
  • Overseas Expenses: 1%

The last card on our list is perfect for those who like to travel abroad. Every time they use their card to pay overseas, they’ll get a 1% rebate. There is a P12,000 cap on retail cashback, so just be aware of that.


Truly, there are great cashback credit cards in the Philippines that you could take advantage of. This list only contains 5. If you are looking for more, then you might want to check out these cards:

Whatever you choose, just make sure it’s right for you!

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