Facing Problem Using Your New Eye Glasses? Tips for Hassle Free Use

Facing Problem Using Your New Eye Glasses? Tips for Hassle Free Use

Choosing the right pair of glass can change your overall features and appearance. Therefore, it is very important for you to choose the right one. It can turn out to be very tricky choosing yourself the right pair and in case, if you are not happy with the pair you got, don’t shy away from getting it exchanged.

When you are choosing new eyeglasses, you might want to have an up-to-date prescription. In that case, it is always better to examine your eye by searching “eye exam near me” in Google, so that you do not have to go too far each time for any issue. However, if you are purchasing prescribed glasses for the first time, a lot of issues may arise, which might need to be taken care of.

Here are some of the ways you can solve issues, when you are facing problem with your new glasses:

Refund and replacement

 In these few cases, you can usually go for exchange of product like,

  1. If there is a manufacturing defect, you can always go for exchange of the product, for example weak soldier joint.
  1. If the prescription is wrong because of incorrect eye measurement

According to the Uniform Commercial Code statement, if the product is broken when purchased, you can refund the whole amount.

Specific eye glasses issues

Reflection: If you find unnecessary reflection in your glasses, you can go to any nearby optical store and replace those glasses with one that includes anti-reflective coat.

  • Adapting to progressive lenses

If you have recently got yourself a progressive lenses for the first time and are not being able to adapt to it. You can consult your optician, if they can exchange them for a different design with no-line multifocal length.

  • Sensitive towards light

If you are sensitive towards outdoor light and finding it difficult to adjust your new lenses, you can ask your optician to change your lenses to a photochromic one. 

Reasons you might not like your recent glasses 

There can be various reasons why you don’t like your new glasses. Such as,

  1. The eyewear being too heavy for your face, letting it slips down your nose.
  2. The frame or maybe the lenses being unattractive.
  3. Poor choice of style or the lenses not being up to your expectation.

Various optical shops have wide range of policies depending on the issues faced by the customer.

Be a smart customer; look out for shops which have a large range of exchanging policies. That way you can go for exchange or refund if in case, the product isn’t upto the mark.

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