Fitflops Review: Are They as Good as They Sound?

Fitflops Review: Are They as Good as They Sound?

We believe that if you can combine fashion with performance you’re on to a winner. We see it a lot of places, and in a lot of different industries. For example, Oakley sunglasses have invested in the technology and processes to ensure their sunglasses cut glare and dangerous UV light, as well as being incredibly light an, now, rather stylish. It’s great to see companies doing, and developing new and better products.

Fitflops are a great example of this, and a bit of a design revolution. And Fitness footwear is the place to go for a huge selection of them. They were invented by Bliss Spa and Soap & Glory founder Marcia Kilgore. Each Fitflop has Microwobbleboard™ technology designed to make your legs work harder by constantly challenging your stability. As you try to compensate and re-balance yourself, your leg muscles have to work harder. The result: an almost effortless workout.

I’ve been testing a new pair for almost two weeks. I’ve gone on long walks in my Oasis Fitflops, done the ironing, worn them to a hula hooping class and just generally made the best use out of them I could. I started out a sceptic, but now I’m definitely a convert. Fitflops are good in lots of ways, but here are the ways they’ve helped me:

Aching Achilles
Not any more. Fitflops make you stand straighter and keep your heel lower than the middle part of your foot. That means my once-injured Achilles tendon is continually and gently stretched.

Perfect posture
Hands up everyone who constantly slouches! It’s true, over time posture gets harder and harder to maintain. With Fitflops, it’s easier and more natural to stretch your muscles and stand straighter. And, you can lengthen your stride more comfortably if you’re in the mood for a power walk.

Prettier pins
Fitflops make walking more of a workout. It could be that I walk faster and more comfortably in my Fitflops.  Or, that my muscles are simply having to work harder. But either way, I feel my legs are definitely more toned.

And, if you can get all that from a pair of sandals that are less than £40.00 inclusive of postage, then bring on the summer I say. All I need is Fitflops, a pedicure, a cool pair of women’s sunglasses and I’m ready for anything.

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