How to Protect Your Pet with a Bluetooth Tracking Device

How to Protect Your Pet with a Bluetooth Tracking Device

No one wants to go through the stress of trying to find a lost pet. When your dog gets out, you may find yourself driving around the neighbourhood trying to find him or her before something terrible happens.

With a Bluetooth tracking device, you can receive an instant notification when they make their escape and then quickly track their location. Here are a few tips for using one of these devices to protect your pet.

Find a Compact Bluetooth Tracker

The first step to protecting your pet is to find a Bluetooth tracking device that can easily fit on your pet’s collar. The tracking device should be compact, weather resistant, and durable to avoid damage when worn around your pet’s neck.

Create a Perimeter Around Your House

The tracking device that you choose should also allow you to set up a perimeter around your house. The range should cover your property.

After the perimeter is set, you can ensure that you know exactly when your dog escapes your yard. You will get an email or text alert as soon as your dog leaves the boundary that you set.

Purchase a Tracker with GPS Features

If your pet does get outside the perimeter that you set, you need a Bluetooth tracker that offers GPS functionality. For example, the Blaqwolf tracker uses an extended GPS network to help locate the tracker when it is out of range. By creating a crowd-sourced GPS network of other trackers, you can receive a notification when your pet is within range of another tracker.

Along with crowd-sourced GPS networks to track your pet, you can receive notification of your pet’s last known location. This location is updated regularly, giving you a more accurate indication as to where your pet has gone.

Look for Trackers with Replaceable Batteries

When using a tracking device on your pet, it will need to remain on. Eventually, the battery will die. With some GPS trackers, there is no way to replace the battery. You simply need to purchase a new tracker. If you want to avoid the unnecessary cost of buying new trackers, you should look for a device that uses replaceable batteries.

Last Thoughts on Protecting Your Pet with a Tracking Device

In the end, tracking devices provide a convenient way to ensure that your pet does not get lost. Even with a fenced-in yard, your dog may find a way to escape.

The tracking device provides a way to receive instant notification when your pet gets out. You can also easily track their location to increase the chances of bringing your pet home safely.

Besides tracking your pet, these devices are also great for keeping track of wallets, keys, phones, bags, and other personal items that you want to protect.

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