How to Protect Yourself from Bedbugs during Travel?

How to Protect Yourself from Bedbugs during Travel?

One of the very common ways for bedbugs to return or make space in your home is through travel. Bedbugs have a knack for hitching their way onto clothing and luggage and then climb off when they arrive at the next location. They are found on airplane seats, airplane overhead bins, and in hotel rooms. Here is how you can protect yourself from bedbugs when you are traveling.

Inspect your luggage

Prevent picking up a bedbug from a hotel room, a cruise ship or public transportation. They are quite visible with the naked eyes. Adult bedbugs are about the size of an apple seed.

Bedbug prevention tips before you head out for travel:

  • Treat your luggage with a quality bedbug spray before you head out to travel in order to kill any pest that comes in contact with the surface of your luggage. Treat it outside a well-ventilated space, a day before you leave along the edges of your suitcase. Let it dry then pack your stuff in it.
  • Use bedbug sealed luggage liners when packing your belongings. Seal it with a zipper before you put it in your luggage. It reduces the number of cracks and crevices where the bedbugs can easily crawl into your belongings. If your luggage is bedbug-proof, it has a built-in lining, you do not need to purchase it separately. This particular luggage is designed to keep the bedbugs away from entering it. It should comprise a hard-out case with no seams, zippered lining and a built-in heater with a timer to kill any insect.

  • If you do not have a bedbug-proof luggage, you can seal the luggage in plastic bags instead. Use Ziploc bags for the same. When you return home, maintain the luggage in these sealable bags to trap any bedbugs if they may have entered it then.

Bedbug prevention tips while travelling

  • Before you check into a hotel, ask the reception about the bedbug handling procedure. Ask them when was your room was last treated and inspected.

Bedbug prevention tips in the hotel

  • Remove the covers off a corner of the mattress. Inspect if the mattress is totally clean and stain-free. If it is, the hotel room is bedbug free probably.
  • If you see any stain on the mattress like fecal matter or blood spots, call the hotel manager and ask for another room.

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