Labiaplasty: Things that you need to know about Vaginal Reduction!

Labiaplasty: Things that you need to know about Vaginal Reduction!

Labiaplasty is the surgery to decrease the size of the vagina. It is a form of plastic surgery which involves the restructuring of the labia minora so that the vagina is restructured. Labiaplasty is usually done to resolve the issues of women such as constant discomfort, hygiene problems or discomfort during sexual intercourse. When labiaplasty is done along with vaginoplasty, it is called Vaginal Rejuvination. Most women consider Labiaplasty to be the best solution for labial discomfort while the others want to alter the look of their genitals for aesthetic purposes.

Who should undergo Labiaplasty?

The women who suffer from a condition such as changes in the shape of the labia due to childbirth or aging can undergo Labiaplasty. It also cures congenital abnormalities such as tearing or stretching of the labia because of accidents, aging or childbirth; vaginal atresia, intersex conditions and Mullerian agenesis. One of the primary reasons for labial asymmetry is genital piercing. The size of the labia may become uneven due to the weight of the ornaments.

The women who have unrealistic beauty standards; or gynaecological diseases such as malignancy, or infection, or who are tobacco smokers and do not want to quit, are usually discouraged from undergoing this surgery. Tobacco adversely affects the healing capacity of a woman. Moreover, Labiaplasty is not performed when the woman is menstruating because it will increase the risk of infection and reduce the hormonal effects.

The sexual reassignment surgery for a male to the female transgender patient, the vaginoplasty operation consists of two steps. Labiaplasty is the second step of the operation. This surgery is performed for the creation of clitoral hood and labia minora.

What are the techniques of Labiaplasty?

The three different techniques of Labiaplasty include the removal of protruding tissue, taking out the central or rear portion and then the flap technique. The flap technique consists of the removal of the excess skin.

The difference between the simple removal and wedge removal is that a scar appears in case of simple removal. However, in the wedge removal technique, the scar is not visible, and it does not irritate.

Post-Surgery Care

After the surgery, the pain is minimal so the patient can leave on the same day. The woman may wear a sanitary napkin for her comfort. She is advised to clean the area regularly and apply antibiotic ointment to the reduced labia.

It is essential for the patient to realise that the shape of the labia is not distorted. It cannot be distorted. Most of the times, the alteration in the shape of the vagina occurs due to natural changes. Vaginal Rejuvination is ideal for women who are conscious about the appearance of their vagina.

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