NFL: Upcoming Games, And How You Can Watch Them All Without Restrictions

NFL: Upcoming Games, And How You Can Watch Them All Without Restrictions

The National Football League is nowhere near over, but teams are already showing the Champions stuff that they are made of. Of the top table leaders, the Rams are the most impressive, racking up 11 wins and one loss so far.

Even at that, they don’t match the winning streak being maintained by the Texans. Having a rather poor start to the season, no one could have envisioned that they would turn their fortunes around and win nine games in a row.

That is not the end of it all though. The coming weeks still hold a lot of potential, and you shouldn’t miss any one.

Upcoming Games

Don’t miss any coming game. Here are the next ten games you should totally look forward to

Week Home Team Away Team When
14 of 17 Bears Rams Monday, 10/12/18
  Seahawks Vikings Tuesday, 11/12/18
15 of 17 Chiefs Chargers Friday, 14/12/18
  Jets Texans Saturday, 15/12/18
  Broncos Browns Sunday, 16/12/18
Falcons Cardinals Sunday, 16/12/18
Bengals Raiders Sunday, 16/12/18
Vikings Dolphins Sunday, 16/12/18
Colts Cowboys Sunday, 16/12/18
Ravens Buccaneers Sunday, 16/12/18

The Bears are strong in their region, but they don’t have a good loss record when compared to the Rams. It would be hard to pick a winner between these two. On paper, though, the Rams seem to be the team more likely to extend their winning streak and extend the losing streak that the Bears just started.

Within the AFC West region, Chiefs and Chargers will be facing off for a battle that could determine who takes or holds on to the top spot. The Jets will be fighting for their pride, being at the bottom of the table in their region and expected to run against the Texans who are table leaders in their own fields.

We don’t need to go through the rest of the table. It is already sure that this week – and the one after, as well as the one after that – will be fully packed with fun.

 Viewing problems to avoid

We know that some issues could come up to prevent you from seeing and enjoying the games as much as you would want to.

For one, it would be difficult to see the games in other countries besides the US. That would be due to the geoblocks that the promoters have put around the content from getting into other countries. This will hinder US residents travelling abroad as well as fans and enthusiasts of the game in other countries.

Besides, there is the problem of content blackouts to consider. This is not a new thing, and you might be facing it sooner than later if the game is happening in your region. The blackouts are usually a tactic to get you to pay for tickets rather than watch at home.

Here, not even cable subscription can save you.

Fixing the problems

No matter which one of these problems you face, you can watch NFL online with the aid of a VPN. The reason why this fix works is because:

  • VPNs allow you connect to the internet from the US, helping you defeat geoblocks around the NFL games
  • They also allow you stream content via suitable platforms, helping to avoid blackouts that occur on cable streams and
  • You get to watch without having cable at all.

Using a VPN to stream the games online does not require any technical know-how. All you have to do is:

  • Grab a VPN of your choice
  • Connect to a server location inside the US
  • Purchase a streaming plan on a suitable platform of choice (Twitch, Amazon, DAZN, etc.)
  • Start watching every touchdown live as it happens.

Wrap Up

It doesn’t get simpler than that. Now, you have no excuse to miss the next night of NFL action. Keep those beers chilled and your anticipation high!

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