Prepare for a perfect College Football night

Prepare for a perfect College Football night

This weekend has been an electrifying one, and we know any NCAA college football enthusiast will tell you the same thing.

We bet you saw Alabama take its impressive winning streak to a massive 12 while leaving Auburn state to lick its wounds. They keep up this momentum and they might just about take this thing home.

Equally impressive is the way Miami FL was able to hold Pittsburgh to a pointless win after the former team ran out clear winners with 24 points to their name. This is more interesting when you find out that Pittsburgh is top of their table and the Miami FL team are warming up the fourth seat.

Clearly showing that anything can just about go anywhere, this is the kind of season we love.

Wait a minute. You aren’t seeing this?

What could be the problem?

If you aren’t seeing the college football games too, we could know the problem. A lot of the games are exclusive to cable TVs and they can get quite expensive to keep for the year.

Viewing alternatives might be out there, but you could have observed that they aren’t worth your time in the end. After all, if they don’t bring all the fun, what’s the essence?

Then again, there’s the issue of those traveling outside of the United States at the time of the game. Some are even residents of other countries who have picked interest in the game.

Sadly, in both cases, accessing the games normally would be impossible due to the geo-restrictions that have been put around it.

As if that is not enough, blackouts and certain restrictions apply to certain games in the NCAA catalog. More often than not, these would affect the big games which ought to be seen by every fan.

Should any of these sound like you, this is not the end of the line for you.

Fixing the problem

You must have considered a lot of options in getting out of this situation. One that you must have left out – or didn’t go about the right way – is using a VPN.

One of the most important features of those pieces of software is how they allow the user to change their IP address from the physical location. This will come in handy when those in the US want to access games not being played in their state.

Likewise, US residents traveling abroad (as well as interested fans from other countries) will be able to view the games like they were in the US.

Setting up this process is neither technical nor time-consuming too. Here’s how to use a VPN to watch NCAA football live:

  • Purchase a suitable VPN subscription from a good vendor
  • Connect to a choice server located in the US
  • Choose your preferred streaming platform (we have the likes of PlayStation Vue, YouTube TV, SlingTV, etc.)
  • Buy a package that allows you to stream all the NCAA college football action and
  • Start enjoying the action.

You don’t really have to do more than that. Take your VPN with you and you are guaranteed access to all the games at every point they are being played.

If we haven’t mentioned this earlier, you don’t even need to have access to cable TV subscriptions to enjoy the games this way. Local games won’t be a problem anymore and blackouts will become a thing of the past. Quite frankly, it doesn’t get better than this.

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