What Are The Different Types Of Dental Services?

What Are The Different Types Of Dental Services?

With the passing of time, significant revolutionary dental treatments are practiced. For example—it was a time when people used to opt for bridges or dentures to fill up the missing tooth or a few teeth on their gum lines. But with the inception of dental prix implants dentaires or simply the dental implants- they can now have a permanent solution. There are also significant services offered by the prolific dentists.

Here are some of the significant services offered by the dentists—

Tooth whitening

With aging, the teeth normally change color and become darker. Regular smoking and consumption of alcohol, coffee and tea are also responsible for the darkening of teeth. Some food habits also create terrible harm to the teeth enamel causing to form a yellowish or dark stain on the teeth. But it can be removed by applying the teeth whitening therapy. By using per-oxide based materials, teeth whitening- considered as a cosmetic therapy ideal for those who are suffering from stain marks or discoloring of teeth.

Root canal

Root canal or endodontics is a complex process of cleaning or removal of the pulp that remains at the base of each tooth. According to dentists, it has veins, arteries and lymph tissues for which great care is taken during the procedure. The endodontist takes extreme care to removing the infection and cleaning the surrounding area of the pump. Common causes of the damaging of pulp are injury, cracked teeth, deep cavity etc.

Dental crowns

Dental crowning is a common yet significant process of setting up a synthetic crown on top of the dental implant. Often people have to extract the broken tooth for infection or extreme pain. Thus by filling up the gap- the dentists often recommend an orthodontic surgery along with crowning for filling up the gap inside the gum.

Dental extraction

Tooth extraction is a common service provided by the dentists. Often they recommend it to be the most relevant way to get rid of the excruciating pain they are in. instead of trying oral medicines, extraction helps in getting rid of the infection that led to the critical condition. Instead of bearing the pain caused by the dental infection- it’s better to get rid of the chipped or infected tooth.


The dentists can fill up the holes mainly caused in the tooth because of cavities. Sometimes it can also cause naturally for which the holes are filled up by the dentists.

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